Ground cover plants

Ground-cover plants are the nicest form of effective weed suppression. These growth-restricted plants cover plain patches, fallow hillsides and boring edge areas with pretty greenery pads, or colourful flower carpets. If planted tightly packed, ground-cover plants ingrain themselves quickly and prevent erosions with their strong stolons. There is a wide range of evergreen, summer-green and blossoming kinds for every location. Problem solvers like asarabacca (Asarum Europaeum) and common lungwort (Pulmonaria) green abandoned areas under canopies of leaves, or behind hedges. If you wrangle with unattractive patches and waysides in full sunlight, wall bellflowers (Campanula Portenschlagiana), or barren strawberries (Waldsteinia Ternata) are your friends. Informed gardeners help themselves to ground-cover plants as the magical formula for a low-maintenance lawn substitute, as long as no one walks on it. The yellow-blossoming yellow dead-nettle (Lamium Galeobdolon) will fulfil this task with flying colours, just like evergreen ivy (Helix). Although there are many different species and kinds, they are all quite low-maintenance. There are just a few tasks on which you have to concentrate and we will explain those here, adding to the profiles of kinds and species.