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To lay out a garden on your own terms and to keep it for the long haul, there is a massive number of garden plants at your disposal. Mighty trees and bushes dictate the structure, long-living shrubs will bloom anew every year. One-year flowers will transform the garden into a short, but powerful blooming frenzy. Fruit trees impress with beautiful blossoms and juicy fruits. Homegrown vegetables provide healthy vitamins with a unique flavour, culinarily rounded off with the spice of fresh herbs from your own herb garden. To provide a better orientation in this floral universe, we will introduce you to the best and most beautiful species. Easy-to-grasp care directions will show you the way to a successful cultivation. If you often have to fight diseases, or pests, on your garden plants, we show you handy tips and effective fighting methods. Since we continuously update the database, the overview will continue to expand, just like your garden plants in your own green realm.