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Shrubs and Perennial Flowers

When the gardener speaks of summer flowers, he refers to plants that grow from seed, form leaves and roots within a single growing season, bloom and produce new seeds for the next generation. While perennials take plenty of time to develop over the years, summer flowers use the botanical turbo, as if they were aware of the narrow time window of their lives. This rapid growth opens up a wide range of application scenarios for garden design. In the midst of perennial cultivations, summer flowers can work as a gap filler or even show off in the flowerbed as the main actor, to create a new color theme every year. Thanks to a vast range of varieties and sorts, no limits are set for your creativity. Among the most popular summer flowers are the charming Petunia and lavish geraniums (Pelargonium) for bedding and balcony. Lushly blooming dragon flowers (Antirrhinum) and seductively scented heliotropes (Heliotropium) make summery flower dreams come true. Mexican asters (Cosmos bipinnatus), bee balms (Monarda), ruddles (Calendula officinalis) or summer phloxes (Phlox paniculata) are ideal decorations for playful compositions in the bed and balcony box. In order to preserve the furious bloom of flowers for many weeks and months, summer flowers make their own demands on their care program, such as regular, generous watering and consequent cleaning. Our detailed information and specific care instructions will leave no questions unanswered.