Home Gardening


A garden is much more than a marked out piece of land on which plants are growing. Born out of a gardener’s dream for a safe haven, the area develops its own individual atmosphere. You can collect information here, to realise your ideas. Do you want to build a kitchen garden, a lavish ornamental garden, a formal and Japanese garden, a romantic cottage garden, or even a combination of all of them? Does a dreamy water garden fit into the picture? Questions like these and many more can be answered, but they need precise planning. You have to consider paths, light and temperature conditions, soil quality and the shadowing of plants and groves. A creative garden always has central eye-catchers, like pavilions, wells, waters, or dry walls. If you do most things yourself, you can also save a great amount of money. Our practical directions will give you assistance to do so. To create an opposite pole to unalterable garden elements, perennial plants and flowerbeds can symbolise the everlasting change of becoming and passing, which will not play out without the right soil preparation and proper planting distance. In this case, big areas have different demands than a small front lawns. You should also keep in mind that not all plants will match regarding their looks and physiology. To make sure that your garden looks good even outside of the summerly blooming period, a dynamical conception should consider the course of the year. All aspects surrounding the perfect garden for your individual lifestyle can be found here.