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General Houseplant Care

House plants have the same basic needs like all plants, they only flourish if they have enough light, air, water and nutrients. For most exotic immigrants, that means a special focus on temperature, since they tend to feel chilly quite quickly. In light of their origin, general care directions usually don’t suffice, to consider their specific peculiarities. At this point, effective care tips come into play, so that cultivation can take its place. There are different suggestions, like tips for watering your house plants, even if there is no helpful neighbour around. If you ask yourself how to achieve an appropriate humidity for your tropical beauties, you will find solutions in here. Our care tips convey practical and realisable tips to keep your house plants healthy during risky winter times. If nothing else, you can find tips to effectively prevent diseases or pests, the focus hereto lies on natural plant protection, which already starts with caring for your plant. Since our plant passion has its finger on the pulse of the time, we continuously update our Encyclopedia.

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