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Garden Plant and Houseplant Pests

They do not spare indoor plants nor shrubs, summer flowers or perennials. Everywhere there is plant life, there will be parasites. They are experts in disguise and are therefore going about their shady business unnoticed in most cases. Only when the damage becomes obvious, you will notice. Greenflies are hiding underneath the foliage, snails only come at night. Voles dig underneath the surface until they find roots. Aside from the plant parasites, during the summer months storage pests go about their business while during winter sly material pests are the enemy. Fighting against them is only successful when a detailed analysis beforehand of the causes and the exact type of pest is determined. Effective measures in compliance with the integrated plant protection can help get rid of the problem in a sensitive, environmentally and healthy way. Fact sheets about the most important pests with advice on typical symptoms will aid you to solve the problem right away. If the enemy is known, you will find a variety of proven home remedies, clever strategies and sensible combat strategies. This is how you get rid of greenflies with soap and water. You can take down snails with coffee grounds and scale insects will be killed off by alcohol. Fruit flies will get caught in a light or glue traps.