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The dream of one’s own orchard begins with the careful selection of fitting species. The taste is not the only factor here. Other factors such as the size of the area, light and temperature conditions as well as ground conditions play an important role as well. Thanks to a wide variety of fruit trees and fruit bushes, no lover of berries and fruits needs to do without the vitamin-rich indulgence. Apples (Malus) sweet and sout cherries (Prunus avium, Prunus cerasus) or plums (Prunus domestica) thrive on large fruit meadows as well as some fruit types in pots on a balcony. Juicy-sweet strawberries (Fragaria) extend an invitation to nibble in the patch or on the balcony. Climbing fruit, such as aromatic grapes (Vitis) and low in calories kiwi fruits (Actinidia deliciosa) transform espaliers, facades and arbors into a decorative orchard. A rich harvest is the result of prudent care. Every kind of fruit expects an individual water and nutrient balance. The most important part of every small or big orchard is the correct cut. Our well-founded instructions will ensure that you will not lose sleep at night over the different aspects of cultivation. Because no other cultivation in the ornamental or kitchen garden is prone to be the victim of diseases and pest infestations, ecologically sensible plant protection measures should be on your to-do-list.