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Solanum tuberosum, potato

When to Harvest Potatoes in the Garden – Best Time to Pick Potatoes

Potatoes are still standing very high on the popularity scale of the Germans, especially when they are homegrown and can be harvested by yourself. The harvesting period begins, depending on the potato variety, between...
Avocado, Persea americana comes from South of Mexiko

Avocado, Persea americana – How to grow a tree from seeds

The avocado, also being referred to as persea Americana or persea gratissima belongs to the laurel family and is home to warm and dry climates. Avocados from a supermarket are often lacking quality and...
Nephrolepis exaltata, Sword Fern, Boston Fern

How to Care for Boston Fern Plants, Growing Nephrolepis exaltata

They have populated shaded areas below trees and grown in tiny crevices for millions of years. We are talking about ferns, which nicely decorate many dark or inhospitable places with their elegant fronds. The...
Aspidistra elatior, Aspidistra

How to Grow and Care for Cast Iron Plant, Aspidistra elatior Flower

Aspidistra is an attractive and opulent leaf ornamental plant, aspidistra elatior is the only subspecies which is used as an indoor plant. There is no connection to actual palms, however. Its beauty lies in...
Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle', Smooth Hydrangea, Wild Hydrangea, Sevenbark

Hydrangea arborescens ‘Annabelle’ Care – Planting, Growing and Pruning

Lush flowers top the big green bush: The hydrangea arborescens Annabelle does credit to its name and forms impressive white flower heads that remind of snowballs. It is home to many gardens as an...
Pruning roses, how and when

Pruning roses – How to prune roses, when to prune roses

Roses belong to the most beautiful flowers in the garden. They are interesting for garden enthusiasts not least due to their great diversity. In order to ensure thriving and beautiful blossoms, a frequent cutting...
Scabiosa atropurpurea, Black Night

Scabiosa Plants – Types and How to Plant and Grow form Seeds

It‘s a low-maintenance plant which is simultaneously easy to take care of and quite fascinating: The scabiosa, with its delicate luminescent shaded blossoms, refurbishes your flower bed with a multitude of shiny colors. Besides...
Petunia, Petunias, Trailing Petunias

Petunia Flowers – How to Plant, Grow and Care from Seeds

Its shining and multifaceted blaze of colour makes the trailing petunia a popular plant. Due to their tendriled growth, these nightshades are often found on balconies and wall bridges. The flowering period of these...


Muscari, Grape Hyacinths

March’s Flower/Plant of The Month are Grape Hyacinths “Muscari”. Read all about How to Plant and Care for Muscari.




If you want to eat the leaves and flowers, however, you have to care for a good base. Before planting add a few strands of horn meal to the soil which act as an ideal long time fertilizer. Use no chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Here you find more about How to Care the Nasturtium Flower.