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Container Plants and Gardening - Potted Plants

Potted plants are the creative elements in garden design. Apart from impressive trees, also ornamental plants and several useful plants thrive in vessels which dimensions exceed the classic flower pot. Plants with decorative flowers and leaves from distant countries may preferably be integrated into the garden design as potted plants. Since only the light, temperature and wind conditions have to be taken into account when you choose the location, patios, balconies and terraces are decorated with green and flower-rich liveliness. In this category you will get to know the best sorts and varieties for cultivation as potted plants. From the equally poisonous and splendid devil's trumpets (Datura) and the wonderful Japanese camellia (Camellia japonica) to the exotic lemon tree (Citrus limon), you can find your favorite among a rich variety of plants here. In order to make the right choice when purchasing planting vessels, you will find useful information, which should be explicitly noted. If you have found the ideal combination of plants and pots, our care instructions will guide you through the successful cultivation process, including profound recommendations for the best substrate. Potted plants have special requirements. For example the plants and trees can rarely overwinter under the open sky without protection, many of them even need a special winter location. In-depth information will ensure that you'll have many years of pleasure with your potted plants.