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Broad-leaved trees and shrubs

Broad-leaved trees provide a structure for your garden and an imposing backdrop for perennials and summer flowers. As solitary trees, oaks (Quercus), birches (betula) or beeches (fagus) form a soothing counterpart to the colorful flowering spectacles in the beds. Arranged as a hedge, dense bushes keep curious eyes away. The cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) and the red barberry (Berberis thunbergii) are perfect examples. Evergreen deciduous trees prove their worth in the empty swept, wintry garden, while their deciduous fellow-species will end the garden year with furious autumn colours. Flowering deciduous trees such as the spring flowering Forsythia, majestic Rhododendron or charming hill cherries (Prunus serrulata) are the unchallenged stars in this category. Many of the most beautiful deciduous trees provide us with refreshing fruits in autumn or surprise us with decorative fruit splendor. At the top of the ranking you will find beautifully blossoming stone-fruited trees such as cherries, almonds and apricots (Prunus pps). The successful cultivation depends on a well-chosen location and a cutback at the right time. We will present you these and other aspects in our practical care guides.