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Plant Problems

In the modern house garden, we work according to the principle of integrated plant protection. Everyone who provides its ornamental and kitchen plants with the perfect conditions will also effectively prevent them from diseases and pest infestations. If nevertheless problems occur, we have recipes for a biological solution in accordance with nature. In the biological plant protection, proven home remedies are dominant, such as a soft soap solution against greenflies or fresh milk against mildew. Weeds are being controlled with mechanical measures, such as mulching, weeding or burning it off. Bulbous plants and other tuber flowers are put in the ground in a wire basket to protect from voracious voles. Within the scope of bio-technical measures, the gardener uses beneficial insects, such as ladybugs, ichneumon flies or predatory mites. Snails are taken care off with beer traps or coffee grounds. Here you can discover a manifold arsenal or environmentally- and health-friendly methods of plant protection which renders the use of chemical substances obsolete. If the pressure of the pest infestation takes over, you can find here recommended products which are partly or completely based on natural ingredients. This includes rapeseed oil products against greenflies or a mix of vinegar and pelargonic acid against weeds.