Home Houseplants


House plants add a cozy touch to every room. They create havens during any time of year, no matter if they are creatively arranged between your couch and sideboard, on your wall, or windowsill. These exotic beauties also filter critical pollutants from the air. You can resort to a wide array of kinds and species to realise your floral design concepts. Florid house plants, like dapper African violets (Saintpaulia), magnificent Christmas stars (Euphorbia Pulcherrima), or royal orchids (Orchidaceae) impress with weeks of lavish flowerage. Lush leafy plants, like the picturesque Dieffenbachias (Dieffenbachia) and the majestic Philodendra (Philodendron) act as architectural elements to transform your home into an evergreen refuge. But there is something that you have to keep in mind, the differently marked cultivation requirements. Frugal plants, like succulents, will survive weeks without water, while tropical bloom queens have to be cared for on a daily basis. You should therefore inform yourself beforehand about all aesthetic and relevant characteristics regarding your floral favourites, to choose a house plant that will fit your lifestyle perfectly.